US Refresh…A New Company Branding Initiative


A new kind of food service, vending company was formed which was the result of a multi company buyout of several smaller companies throughout the United States…all of which had different names and all selling to an eclectic array of socio-economic audiences. The markets were very competitive in all areas and perceptions of what were the Unique Selling Points in each area differed greatly as well.


Gathering all of these companies under one new umbrella both organizationally and culturally presented the biggest challenge to the new company. The second greatest task facing the new management was to have all company employees buy into a new positioning for the company and to secure consensus on what the new brand’s core attributes should be.


Although most of the key executives from each location felt that the new positioning should be based on providing fresh, quality products, it was decided to research the customer base and find out exactly what was the most important product benefit that would prompt food service directors to buy. The results showed that “service” above all was the key benefit that they were looking for. We now had our positioning, sales messaging and brand platform to start the launch.


Based on the research, we centered the brand launch around the “iconic” general store service boy who traveled from house to house on his bicycle to deliver the goods. General store visuals, shot in Vermont, permeated all the sales promotion pieces and a model, dressed in early American garb became a living trademark for the new company and photos of him interacting with customers dramatically delivered the old time “service” concept exceptionally well.


To visually deliver the “core attribute” of service, a photo was taken of a general store service boy, dressed his period garb riding on a bicycle en route to make a delivery. The photo was graphically converted to an illustration and he became the visual “icon” for the new branding of the company. Of course, red white and blue became the color palette for the US Refresh name.



A multitude of images were photographed, on location, at a turn of the century general store in Vermont, to be used on multiple marketing pieces that would be produced to help launch the new brand. The first image appeared on the cover of the Corporate Folder where he is standing in front of the general store ready to greet any customers that came in. The inside flap of this folder was used as the main vehicle to deliver the new corporate positioning statement.



 In an effort to “quickly” deliver the new brand and the concept of full-service, a small folder was produced that gave a quick “snapshot” of who US Refresh was, what they stood for, and the comprehensive services they offered. In addition, this piece housed a unique “lead generation” piece called “The Refresher Course.”



 The goal of this piece was to stimulate the food service buyer start to analyze and evaluate the quality of their services to their employees in the break room. By agreeing to take “The Refresher Couse”, at no cost to the customer, US Refresh could then uncover areas of needed improvement and develop solutions to enhance the customer’s food service program.



 A large format, multi-panel folder with multiple inserts was designed as the main sales support tool that each sales representative would use when making a person to person sales presentation. The cover features our trademark character conversing with a customer at the counter.

The inside of this piece consists of a comprehensive showcasing of the company’s positioning, services and vending machines along with a pocket that houses individual data sheets on its specific service offerings.



Multiple services sheets were designed to visually depict the products and services US Refresh provided, each accented by strong visual images that supported the new Brand Identity. Vertical blue panels were used to identify each service for quick and easy access of information by both the salesperson and the customer.