Brown University


Brown University was undergoing a major remodeling and refurbishing program for all their athletic venues.  The renovation of the Brown Squash facility was nearing completion and the head coach of that team was looking to create an engaging environment where both players and fans alike would be inspired by the Brown Squash experience.


To graphically showcase the Brown University brand and its sub-brand Brown Squash as an exciting “niche” sporting activity for the university.  The graphic challenge was to keep all the visuals stimulating while, at the same time, keeping the tone warm, friendly and traditional.  An additional implementation problem was that most of the archival images were not professionally photographed and were of a low resolution.


Considering all of the above, it was decided that a “museum type presentation” combined with high-impact branding signatures would drive the design executions.  Both color and black and white treatments were to be mixed on the main wall mural and various team pictures and famous Brown players of the past would be depicted in action photos. It was also decided to use motivational quotes from famous professional squash players connecting  Brown Squash to the sport itself.


By mixing team and individual player photos along with “soft focus” black and white and color photos, an historical perspective was created which imparted a feeling within the facility that all who competed there were part of a continuum.  That in itself, became motivational for the players and entertaining for the fans.  The combination of both strong brand signage and museum quality graphics elevated the image of this “niche” sport within the Brown Athletics Department.