Simmons College Marketing Video



Simmons college, established in 1899, is among the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate schools for women and their coed graduate programs are among the best in the country. Located in the heart of Boston, the Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences is affiliated with some of the world’s top hospitals.


As a progressive sign of their growing academic outreach, Simmons launched it’s online nursing program, Nursing@Simmons for aspiring nurse practitioners. The goal of the online program was to provide a Simmons education to students across the country and to develop highly-skilled nurse practitioners to meet the nation’s growing demand. To accomplish this task, Simmons needed to raise awareness and interest about this fantastic new opportunity to all aspiring nurse practitioners, nationwide.


Our production affiliate, AMVCreative, developed a compelling marketing video featuring interviews with the College’s President and Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The video’s goal was to get the most powerful sound bites from the faculty, while juxtaposing  compelling b-roll shots of the campus and its students. The video conveyed very clearly what the program offered, how it was structured and what to expect if enrolled. 


The launch of the online program was very successful and Nursing@Simmons is currently entering its second year with an increasing number of applicants and students. Because of the growing demand of students who are eager to take advantage of this online degree, AMVCreative was later asked to produce an additional video for the College’s next online endeavor, SocialWork@Simmons.