Clear Automation Company Video


Clear Automation is among the nation’s leading Automation solution providers in a fast-growing industry. Using their revolutionary designs in robotics, software and engineering, Clear Automation’s solutions have reached clients across many different industries worldwide.


Having updated their website and branding a few years prior, Clear needed a fresh new company video that highlighted some of their most recent advances in the Automation industry. They needed to both inform their potential clients of the company’s unrivaled capabilities as well as showcase some of their most impressive centerpieces that had been developed.


Our production affiliate, AMVCreative, developed a clean, informative marketing video that both showcased the impressive output of projects as well as provided an in depth company profile which included interviews with the Founder and CEO. Utilizing ourĀ full spectrum of production skills, AMVCreative was able to include custom photography and graphic design to enhance the video’s quality and effectiveness.


The marketing video allowed Clear to develop new business by further reaching out to a new national audience. This video was utilized on their website as a centerpiece for their marketing. The marketing video also lead to the production of many supplementary videos specifically concentrated on individual machines. See More Videos…