Although the electric department of Belmont, Massachusetts had been providing electric power and services to a captive community for decades, the image of the department had suffered because of a low-tech perception that the department was stuck in the past by its dated equipment, services and an inability of both its residential and commercial customers to easily access the information that they.


To quickly change that low-tech perception by re-branding the department as a growing, and evolving industry leader on the forefront of providing cost-effective power and “smart” services to its community members. It was paramount that a cohesive, ‘” interactive” communication vehicle had to be created that would act as the clearing house for all the “need to know” information about the department.


The name of the department was shortened to Belmont Light, a new contemporary logo was designed, and a new tag line was developed that leverage the history of the department and paved the way for positioning the department as a “trusted” supplier of “continuous” power solutions for the community.  New Exterior and Interior Signage was created and the new brand was synergistically launched with a redesigned, highly “interactive” web site, new department stationery along with a complete revamping of its fleet of transport vehicles.


A dynamic, visually stimulating web site was designed as the main access point to get information about products and services for residents, commercial businesses and municipalities.  The key was to enable each type of customer to quickly access pertinent information they needed without being exposed to information that had no bearing on their particular activities.  Not only was this a perfect vehicle to launch the new Brand Image of the department but “navigationally” it conveniently solved the “need to know” factor for all customers.