Specialized Services

Brand Identity System

A Visual Identity Program, whether it be for a corporate brand, product brand, or service brand consists of three essential elements.

1. A Logo or Logotype

2. A Positioning Line

3. A graphic expression (in addition to the logo) that dramatically communicates the core promise of the brand.



Merchandising is the process of displaying and promoting of products which makes them appealing, attractive, accessible, engaging and enticing to shoppers at the Point Of Sale (POP).

It utilizes 3-dimensional design, color, lighting, sounds, digital technology and interactive elements to catch the customer’s attention and persuade him or her to make a purchase.


Digital Marketing

Through extensive research and having a full comprehension of industry based trends, our Marketing Associate Integrated Media Group (IMG) is able to leverage a wide variety of digital marketing services. These services can be custom adapted to each business by looking at such key factors as appropriate audience and budget considerations. IMG is able to offer custom services, as well as assist clients with their everyday digital marketing needs and goals.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications is a cumulative process that strategically utilizes tactical communicative tools to directly support the marketing effort.

The objective of these tools is to individually and collectively inform, promote and pre-sell a company, its products and its services to a targeted audience.


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